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Italian Design. Ethics. Innovation.

ALMAR’s products refashion the concept of luxury in the bathroom and kitchen, through the inborn elegance of made in Italy products and a new ethical sensitivity in living.

The history of a company is often interlaced with the one of the place where everything began.
As far as ALMAR is concerned, this place is a water mill.

EcoAir System, for a responsible employment of water. Help the planet, without giving up the usual comfort.

We don’t merely design shower systems. We create emotions.
Born from a passion for design, free from any common interpretation, ALMAR’s products convert into objects able to enhance even the littlest gesture.

ALMAR’s distinguishing marks are not only the quality and sustainability (link water saving) of its products, but also the methods it chooses to realize them: the attention to environment plays an essential role in all stages of the process.

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