The security and compliance of ALMAR’s shower systems are ensured by the most important world certification authorities. Every certification witnesses the exclusiveness and uniqueness of each product and ALMAR’s will to ensure it customers the highest quality standards present on the market.


ALMAR’s products are equipped with non-return valves, in order to avoid harmful backflows and water contaminations coming from outside. All components are produced with thermoplastics homologated according to the strictest international standards for the contact with drinkable water:

ACS ~ WRAS ~ KIWA ~ CSA ~NSF 61 ~ W270 ~ KTW


ALMAR’s purpose is an ecological behaviour aimed at protecting the climate and the environment. Through the production of items operating with a reduced employment of water and an unchanged jet comfort, ALMAR obtains the most sought-after certifications on water saving.


ALMAR’S technical laboratory is certified for the execution of the CSA tests: such qualification allows the company to carry out internally most of the tests required by the regulation, reducing the lead time needed to achieve such certifications. The operation and endurance of ALMAR’s products are also ensured by the NF and CSA regulations.