Velvet rain collection

A new collection characterized by a new innovative jet: Velvet Rain.

The new Velvet collection is born from the responsibility we have towards the most precious good for life: water.

From the desire to respect our Planet to reality, it’s a short step and is called Velvet Rain.

With this renewed commitment to our Planet, the Velvet Rain range enters with style and personality into the bathrooms.

The new Velvet Rain jet elevates the concept of shower, converting it into an enveloping experience, joining elegance, ecology and wellbeing.

Velvet Rain: A velvety and silent rain, ensuring a complete and even rinsing from soap and shampoo in an enveloping and silent cuddle.

Velvet 300 square head shower

Velvet 230 round head shower

Velvet 130 head shower + velvet 100 hand shower

Velvet 300 square dual flow head shower

Velvet collection

Velvet beam head shower

Velvet Rain

Intense Rain

Beam Modular Push

Jet Velvet

Velvet 2 Funzioni Modular Thermostat

Velvet 130 Core Push

Velvet 230 Round Core Push

Velvet 300 Square Core Push